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Wittekerke Wild

    ID: 3781

  • Brouwerij - Brewery - Brasserie:
    De Brabandere - voorheen Bavik - Bavikhove
  • Bierstijl - Beer style - Style de bière : Zure ale
  • Alcohol: 5 %
  • => Weinig opvallende bitterheid=> Bitterheid is merkbaar=> Bitter=> Hoge bitterheid

  • Info from the brewer:
    Wittekerke Wild A beer to blow your mind and refresh your soul. Harvest.......The wild idea to use the microflora derived from the Petrus Oak foeders into another beer has never seen before. Through a new technique at Brewery De Brabandere they are able to harvest those wild yeasts and bacteria that live on the inside of the oak foeders . Unleash.......By unleashing the microflora into Wittekerke, their sessional wit beer, a unique refreshment is created. A wild idea in first fermentation. The refinement and refreshment of Wittekerke Wit united with the harvested and unleashed wild yeast and bacteria, results in a unique balance of wit beer and sour aromas. This ultra-flavoured and refreshing session beer is easily accessible for everyone … and demands for more than one! Wittekerke Wild, The Ultimate Sour Refreshment!

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